Friday, November 23, 2012

Advertisements that use Rhetorical Devices

1. This image shows a 'damaged and ruined' child, as if were a 'car' and it was damaged. This uses pathos since it affects others' emotions, because most people cannot see a picture of a hurting child without being sentimentally moved by it.

2. This image shows a child holding hands with a male and female manikin, as if they were her parents. Again, the use of a child promotes pathos since everyone feels the innocence and vulnerability of a, preferably small, child. Ethos is also used as a rhetorical device in this campaign ad since at the bottom of the picture UNICEF 'signs' it. Since UNICEF is an international organization that helps children and is well recognized, we entrust ourselves into it.

3. This image shows a school of bluefin tuna, an endangered species, and one of them has a panda mask. This kind of shows pathos since it makes us feel stupid about ourselves and ridiculous. Ethos is also expressed since the WWF signs at the bottom. This makes us feel guilty for not paying attention to other non-beautiful species. The question at the bottom cooperates with the image to make us feel this way.

Here are some pics that I found which I thought were pretty good too.