Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spellbound Film Forum

Choose one subject (person). Describe how winning the spelling bee is important to that subject.
Angela from Peryton, Texas
Nupur from Tampa, Florida
Ted from Rolla, Missouri
Emily from New Haven, Connecticut
Ashley from Washington DC
Neil from San Clemente, California
April from Ambler, Pennsylvania
Harry from Glenrock, New Hampshire

2. Do homonyms get you down?  Pick some that you commonly mix up, and come up with a creative way to remember how to tell them apart in the future.
I sometimes confuse canon with cannon.
Canon: a principle or general rule.
Cannon: a fire weapon that shoots cannonballs.

Since a cannon shoots stuff then you must have an extra 'n' as ammunition for the cannon (a cannonball, or more like a cannon'n')

3. Write down five words that you did not know how to spell until seeing them in Spellbound.

4. Do you have something in your life like the National Spelling Bee? Describe some of the pressure you feel.

5. Should we still have spelling bees? Why? Why not?

Of course we should still have spelling bees. They stimulate a young person's interest to spell correctly. Why should we not have spelling bees? Because they cause too much stress? But doesn't any type of tournament cause stress too? Also, it is a way of motivating people who are good at nothing but English, and hence, spelling. It is a way to encourage people to spell correctly, in a world where machines dominate our way of spelling. It is a way of telling people that spelling is important because machines are not always going to be there, and it is necessary to spell correctly to be able to communicate efficiently. I really do wish that the school creates a spelling bee contest that I could participate in, since it is something that I've been wanting all along.