Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reading Blog Gilgamesh: Tablets IV & V

Connect to another piece:
I connected the part in which the g-d Shamash sends 12 storms agaisnt Huwawa to the book by Rick Riordan: "The Son of Neptune". In the novel, it is said that gods and demigods must work together to defeat the titans. In the epic, Shamash works together with Gilgamesh and Enkidu (both demigods) to kill the demon, Huwawa. I can also connect it to Men in Black III when K is supposed to kill Boris the Animal, and he is bribing him to be put in a prison instead of being killed. This connects to how Huwawa is trying to persuade Gilgamesh to spare his life, that he'll be his servant, cut down his trees. Although not as direct, there is a certain type of connection to the decapitation of Medusa, since both creatures (Huwawa and Medusa) were decapitated by heroes, in fact both were demigods (Perseus and Gilgamesh/Enkidu).

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