Sunday, October 21, 2012

Opinion Response: Malala Yousafzai

It is really interesting how the media makes things more difficult for terrorists (or Talibans). For example, we are able to look at the case of Malala. I believe that it is unbelievable that an 11 year old was able to speak against the Taliban group and be heard, because anyone can oppose anything, but it is another thing that people all over the world hear and feel called upon for help. I think that this is what the media and Internet were initially made for, to inform people around the globe of what is happening and for people to express what they want other people to know. In this case, Malala is informing the world of her feelings of oppression and her voice against the Taliban. Without even knowing Gul Makai, her pen name, I immediately respect her and think of her as a heroine. I believe that her parents, and even Pakistan, should feel pride and honor in having such a wonderful daughter/citizen. There was something that I was unable to understand about one of the articles. I don't understand why was it prohibited to play music in your car, what's the difference of music in your car, or playing it at home. Does it affect the way you drive? If not, then why was it prohibited? This articles were really well written and they were based in an interesting topic, women oppression, but I would like to listen to the point of view of the Taliban, just to see what points they establish as proof of their religious extremism and fanaticism.

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