Friday, October 12, 2012

Reading Blog Persepolis: The Dowry

I think I could relate to this part of the book in which Marji says that her alerts might come visit but that they would not live together again. I think that this is probably how a teenager feels when he heads off to an overseas boarding school. I imagine that there are mixed feelings of happiness and sadness, since there will be more independence, yet you won't live with your parents. This is explicitly expressed in the book when Marji's parents recall the vacation Marji spent in France alone. When this occurred, Marji exclaimed: "It's true, that was great...real independence." The reason why there would be feelings of sadness is because of what I previously mentioned, Marji's parents not living with her. I suppose that I would not have these feelings until I head over to university, that is if I decide to study overseas. I am not planning on a boarding school so there is no opportunity to feel this is in the next three years. But I suppose that I will study overseas so the opportunity to feel this mixture of emotions will come in 4-5 years.

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