Friday, October 12, 2012

Reading Blog Persepolis: Persepolis

I can relate with Marji's ignorance when her parents mention the story of the man who died of cancer but then was considered a martyr, just as an excuse to protest agaisnt the shah. This usually occurs to me when I am sitting at the dinner table on a Shabat dinner and my parents and grandparents begin speaking of recent events I had not heard of, especially when they are not important, but are merely a community rumor and gossip. For example, they might begin talking about how this young woman is going to marry this other guy. The annoying thing is that when I ask who they are, their answer is always: "You don't know who they are." I can understand her feelings of not knowing, since it has happened to me before and it does not feel good to be this way. One feels desperate and has that feeling that this conversation might've been important but it will only add to the list of 'Unfinished and Misunderstood Conversations'. It definitely is annoying to feel this way and I can almost feel her urge to read and understand what her parents were talking about.

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