Friday, October 12, 2012

Reading Blog Persepolis: The Passport

I can connect the events that occurred in this chapter with what happened in WWII since many people were prosecuted because of their beliefs. This happens as well in this chapter, when it is mentioned that the 18 year old, Niloufar, was hiding in Khosro's house. She was a communist which is why the state searched for her. Since Khosro was hiding the communist he had to escape too, and ask for asylum in another country, in this case Sweden. You could say that the communist might be Anne Frank and Khosro was the one who hid her. This critical is also expressed through the closing of the boundaries so that no one can leave (it was the same in Nazi Germany). Another aspect that contributes to the situation is that some people created fake passports so that some people could leave illegally. Concluding, I see that this situation must occur in all of the countries who live a war, especially those in which there is some type of religious influence amongst it.

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