Friday, October 12, 2012

Reading Blog Persepolis: The Sheep

When it is announced that Mohsen was found dead, drowned I immediately believed that the murderers had wanted it to look as an accident (which did not really happen). Nevertheless, I connected this event with the book "Eagle Strike" by Anthony Horowitz which belongs to the Alex Rider series. In this book, the antagonist, Damian Cray, wants to destroy everything that has to do with drugs by sending a nuclear missile to each of these areas. Anyways, he does all of this by setting a cover of being in charge of the producing of a video game. When a journalist asked too many questions about his game, he arranged an accident for her, in which she got hit by a car and died. This is the part of the book that I was able to relate to 'Persepolis' since I initially believed that Mohsen's death would have looked like an accident. I find it interesting that his death was done so abruptly and possibly not even planned, therefore, I conclude that it must've been a gang (not the government) who ended with the life of this man.

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